Do not respond to bait! Don’t download for ‘free’ of Oscar-nominated films, they’re malware!

Nothing’s ever really free.

There’s still time to catch up on all the Oscar-nominated films for 2020, but just make sure you do it legally. Experts at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky found hundreds of websites promising free downloads of this year’s most lauded films, but all the downloads were actually malware. There were also more than 20 phishing sites that duped users into entering credit card numbers and other sensitive information. 

Joker was the film most commonly used to lure in victims: The researchers found 304 malicious files titled for the film. The World War I film 1917 had 215 malicious files, The Irishman had 179 files and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood had 150. The Korean film Parasite had no malicious files associated with it, Kaspersky reported. 

Kaspersky recommends examining download file extensions for legitimate sources, checking out the site’s authenticity, finding out when the movie is going to be released in theaters or on streaming services, using reliable virus protection and not clicking on suspicious links. 

The security company didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 


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