AuditStarter- a platform for placing by any user orders for software security audit and execution of these well-known audit companies through the crowdfunding. AuditStarter- a guarantee of a quality audit or refund. AuditStarter- a guarantee of the security of any software for users. AuditStarter- a platform of the software security, including high-risk area of software: cryptocurrencies and other products of the blockchain ecosystem.


For all participants of the software ecosystem, this platform is necessary, understandable and convenient. What does everyone get?



• Software Security Guarantee

• Download verified software

• Financial reward for participation

• Ratings of cryptocurrency services / developers / auditors

• Audit reports

• Investment transparency

• Money back guarantee in case of refusal / failure to verify



• Free professional audit by well-known companies of your own software

• Wide choice of verified audit companies

• Transparent selection of auditors

• Extended confidential audit report

• Quality audit guaranteed

• Free promotion for your software on the platform



• Regular audit orders

• Transparent audit tender

• You assign the cost of the audit

• Payment Guarantee

• Improving your own rating

• Free promotion for your company on the platform

Platform Features

Stage MVP. We are changing the world in the field of software security.

Description of the platform procedure

1. Launch campaign: the USER or DEVELOPER submits free application form to check any service/software.

2. In case of closed-source code - the DEVELOPER confirms / does not confirm the verification of his software.

3. AUDITORS offer the cost and duration of the audit.

4. Fundraising through the USERS contributions. If the campaign is initiated and fully paid by the DEVELOPER (without crowdfunding) - he gets the opportunity to hold a competition among auditors.

5. Launch of the Audit.

6. The AUDITOR provides: Short publicly available report & Extended Strictly confidential report only for owners of the service being checked.

In a case of Force Majeure or Audit reject- Refund to Contributors

During fundraising, 10% of all raised funds are allocated to the Free Check Fund

Each month, one campaign on the Platform is paid from the Fund

It is determined by the vote of the contributors community

During the campaign, all contributors gets a reward



AUDIT - internal Token of AuditStarter platform (standard ERC20). It`s intended for the convenience of users, transparency and control of the movement of funds (payments) for services on the platform. We use it to minimize risks and dependence on external factors.

Token Total Cap 100`000`000 AUDIT. Presale: 1`000`000 AUDIT.

Token Reward (85`000`000 AUDIT) unlocks after Platform launch in equal shares daily over 10 years. Token Reward is intended to reward contributors for participating in campaigns. Token Reward is not for sale!

As part of the Platform has been created a Fund, which uses the AUDIT token to support software security and risk insurance for all AuditStarter members. The Fund provides the accumulation of funds to pay for the best campaigns based on the results of voting by platform community. The Fund insures against changes in the exchange rate- auditors are guaranteed to receive a fixed payment for the campaign.

At the present moment we do Presale. The number of tokens are limited. You can become the first investors and get the following benefits:

receiving financial rewards for participating in platform campaigns

monitoring campaign financing progress

Token buyback after the platform launch

at the time of release tokens on the free exchange trading you are already a holder

huge extra-bonus for buying tokens

When you buying a token, you invest in the security of the software that you use yourself.

Buy and get a REWARD!

Join the community of secure software and get rewarded for it.

You can earn twice: at the development stage and after the launch of the platform. How do you do that?

Stage 1. Platform development period.

The AUDIT token is necessary for the normal functioning of the platform, for example, for payments to auditors for completed campaigns. For this reason, after the launch of the platform, we will buyback tokens.

4 easy steps - how to invest and earn in stage1:

1.Choose your Extra investment bonus. By purchasing tokens now, you get from 10% up to 50% bonus depending on the amount of your investment.

2.Get the AUDIT tokens at a fixed price for the development period (the number of bonus tokens is strictly limited: 1'000'000 AUDIT)

3.Hold tokens until the platform launches (launch of the platform Q2 2020, start of the tokens buyback)

4.Sell tokens to us at face value and earn from 10% up to 50%, or sell tokens at the market price and earn more.

Stage 2. Platform operation period

4 easy steps - how to invest and earn in stage 2:

1.Get the AUDIT tokens.

2.Choose from the list of ongoing audit campaigns or create a new one by yourself.

3.Make a contribution.

4.Get a reward for participating in the campaign.


Get Your Extra Investment Bonus!


Buy from 1 to 99 tokens - get an extra bonus



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Our Team

See who are behind the Platform

AuditStarter is a platform that has been created by an experienced team of people who aren’t just theoreticians. Quite the opposite, AuditStarter`s team consists of cryptolovers who have been interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for years. We not only know what it is all about but also meet and solve the real problems in field of security software. Above all, we look at our project as a business project that has great potential for entering the global market. We appreciate it for its innovation, lack of analogues, and social importance. It makes us incredibly dedicated to the idea and convinced that we will be able to create a good product demanded by people.

Xiaoying Riley

Dmitry Sizov

CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur. Talented manager, successful mining industry and blockchain professional. Dmitry has created multiple brands from scratch in high-tech sector. Advertising and PR expert, has extensive experience of growing startups into big companies.

Tom Najdek

Dmitry Kotelnikov

CTO & Founder

Specialist in the field of telecommunications and information security with more than 20 years of experience. Dmitry has deep knowledge in the field of hardware and software solutions, as well as experience in analyzing critical vulnerabilities of highly loaded projects.

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